Cesky  Krumlov is a fascinating town to visit. With over 300 listed buildings, lots of museums and galleries, as well as dozens of restaurants and bars, you can easily spend several days there.

Cesky Krumlov rightly has UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The historic centre, with its many Medieval and Renaissance buildings, is remarkably  preserved. Part of its attraction is its geographical position - the  town is built where the River Vltava has two ox-bow bends, which means that many of the buildings overlook the river. The castle is built on a cliff above the town allowing you the opportunity to look down at Cesky Krumlov’s historic town centre.

You can find out more about the Cesky Krumlov Castle (the second-largest castle complex in the Czech Republic) by clicking the link on the left.

As you can for some of the many Museums and Galleries (including our favourites the Egon Schiele Gallery and the Architectural Museum),  Cesky Krumlov’s history, including its historic buildings and churches.

And some of our favourite restaurants and shopping ideas.

Our advice is to take your time exploring Cesky Krumlov. Walk, shop and sit at one of the cafes by the river or the Town Square and watch the world go by. We’ve been visiting for years and we still haven’t seen everything.

Cesky Krumlov makes an excellent base for a holiday. Most visitors never get  further than its old streets and houses. But those who want to explore  further will find lots of places to visit and activities to enjoy.

There are good public transport links from Cesky Krumlov (both by rail and by bus) and there are several places in Krumlov where you can hire bikes  (including from the train station). Click on Travelling Around link to the left for details of public transport.

You can of course hire a car, but the centre of Cesky Krumlov is  pedestrianized and many hotels do not have parking. If you are looking  at a car-based touring holiday, we suggest you either use accommodation  outside the old town or base yourself in another town or in the  countryside.

We have limited the coverage of this website to those places and  activities you can get to and do without a car. For information about the many places you can visit as part of holiday with a car please visit our Czech Holiday website.

For more information about nearby towns, castles and historic sites, walking, the Sumava National Park, Lake Lipno and sports activities (including boating, skiing and cycling), click on the links to the left.

Finally we have not mentioned the fascinating culture and customs of the area - which have their own dedicated web page. Cesky Krumlov  has a rich cultural programme throughout the year, in addition there are traditional Czech festivals and customs.

Our practical information pages cover currency and prices, health, what to wear, getting to and getting around Cesky Krumlov , and the weather and when to come.

For information about accommodation (hotels and cottages) both in Cesky Krumlov and further afield, please visit Czech Holiday website. For information about tours we are running, most of which visit Cesky Krumlov, please visit our Czech Tours website.

Introducing Cesky Krumlov

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